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Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Safe?

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How Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

Penis enlargement surgery is medically known as phalloplasty and involves surgically releasing or cutting the suspensory ligament that supports the penis from the pubic bone to extend penis length.

The penis itself isn't actually enlarged, this more allows the penis to extend further from the body resulting in a longer erection. This method is used only for penis lengthening, it does not however increase the girth of the penis.

To widen the penis surgeons can take strips of fat and tissue from various other parts of the body and place it under then skin. If the patient desires they can have both penis enlargement procedures performed during the same visit either under local or general anesthetic.

The suspensory ligament of the penis

What are the risks of penis enlargement surgery

All surgical procedures whether major or minor carry the risk of complication.

  • Risk of infection and bleeding
  • Nerve damage or loss of sensitivity
  • Loss of erection hardness or erectile dysfunction
  • Excessive scarring
  • Penis shape irregularities
  • Retraction of the penis into the pelvis
  • Necrosis of tissue
  • Risk of untidy, unprofessional work

So What Happens After The Surgery?

Recovery from penis enlargement surgery generally takes about six weeks if there are no complications. This means no sex during this period, as this will only increase the chances of complications arising. You will also have to perform regular penis stretching exercises or possibly use hanging weights to stop the penis from retracting back into the groin and loosing length.

What Natural Alternatives Are There To Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery is risky, expensive and results are never guaranteed. This doesn't really leave you with much confidence for the whole process. There are however safer, cheaper and more reliable natural alternatives to penis surgery

Traction devices such as the ProExtender along with penis enlargement exercises are the only non-surgical methods of permanently increasing penis size. Natural penis enlargement creates new healthy tissue and strengthens your penis, unlike surgery which destroys tissue and potentially weakens the penis in the hope of creating a bigger one.

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