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Peyronies Disease & Penis Curvature

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What Is Penis Curvature & How You Can Straighten Your Penis

Penis curvature is a medical condition usually diagnosed as Peyronies disease in which the penis has a considerable bend along the shaft during an erection. Penis curvature can make it difficult or even painful for a man to achieve an erection or have sexual intercourse. Roughly 3% of men have some degree of penis curvature.

What Causes Penis Curvature?

Penis curvature is caused by a build up of fatty plaque (scar tissue) within the spongy tissue of the penis(corporus cavernosa). This restricts blood flow to that particular area of the penis therefore resulting in a bent penis. There are a number of possible causes of penis curvature such as trauma to the penis, genetics, diabetes, connective tissue disorders and poor diet. Injections into the penis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction may also cause scarring.

Penis curvature most commonly affects older men over the age of 40 but can occur in men of any age.

How Can I Straighten My Curved Penis

In most cases the curvature will straighten itself in given time but more serious cases may require special attention. Treatments can include injection therapy, traction devices and even surgical excision. note: surgical Procedures may result in shortening of the penis, erectile dysfunction and loss of sensation.

It is usually recommended by doctors to wait at least 12 months after noticing the curvature before considering surgical treatment as the condition may heal itself.

How Can The Proextender Straighten Penis Curvature?

The Proextender device can straighten penis curvature by applying a constant stretch to the penis which stimulates cell regeneration, growth and circulation. After 6 months of use the Proextender can straighten penis curvature by 30%.

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