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The ProExtender System is a natural (non-surgical) method of increasing penis size and improving sexual health. It combines three powerful penis enlargement techniques into one system that is safe, easy to follow and guaranteed to work.

Included in the ProExtender System is:

  • The Deluxe ProExtender penis traction device
  • 1 Months supply of VigRX penis enlargement pills
  • 1 Month supply of Semenax semen volume pills
  • The 'For Men Only' - Ultimate penis exercise CD

The ProExtender Device

The ProExtender uses natural techniques to permanently increase penis size, overcome sexual problems and improve sexual performance

The Proextender uses traction (stretching) to stimulate the cells of the tissue to divide and multiply, this cell division is called mitosis and is a natural process of our bodies. Nearly every part of our body requires this process for healthy functioning. We are just speeding up the process a bit, specifically to the penis.

The Enhancement Supplements

The penis enhancement supplements are made by combining natural herbal extracts that have long documented beneficial effects on our sexual health.

VigRX Plus increases blood circulation to the penis resulting harder and more sustained erections as well as improving stamina and stimulation. Men suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction can benefit greatly from these effects but any man can experience benefits to their sexual performance.

Semenax helps increase the volume of your ejaculations, increases healthy sperm production and enhances orgasms.

The most common misconception about the supplements is that they themselves will increase penis size, if only it was that simple. Your erections may appear larger and this is due to the extra blood flow but this is only temporary so long as you take the pills. Supplements on their own cannot increase penis size. When combined with the proextender and natural penis exercises, these supplements can help increase penis growth speed by supplying increased amounts of blood to the penis.

The Penis Exercises

Penis exercise are performed using your hands and involve a series of massaging and stretching routines. These exercises help manipulate the penis tissue to grow using methods which the ProExtender is unable to. On their own penis exercises can increase penis size as well as improving overall sexual performance.

The Results

The ProExtender system combines all three of these penis enlargement methods into one program. The pills help provide extra blood flow for quicker tissue generation, the penis extender provides maximum stretching for optimal growth and the penis exercises provide a range of other penis growth techniques. When all these methods are combined you will achieve the fastest and maximum results possible.

With the ProExtender System you can expect:

  • Bigger, stronger and harder erections
  • Permanent penis growth of up to 30% length and 20% girth
  • Straighten penis curvature (peyronies disease)
  • Stop erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation
  • Improved stamina and recovery time
  • More powerful and intense orgasms
  • Foreskin restoration techniques
  • Increased Libido (sex drive)
  • Better sex!
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